Our Mission

At CP-Elite, our mission is to bring our customers a wide selection of carefully curated products and custom goods in Wentzville, MO. Whether you’re buying a gift for a friend or a treasure for yourself, our hope is that you’ll find something worthwhile and exciting in our online stores. From a treasured, handmade piece of jewelry, to a well-crafted, versatile piece of hunting gear, everything you buy from us is handpicked and chosen specifically for your satisfaction. Our story is one rooted in friendship and a passion for detail and uniqueness. We hope that you enjoy our products and the fact that no two items will ever be exactly the same—the true meaning of "one-of-a-kind." Rest assured that every item you buy from us is an item that’s sure to be treasured.

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Handmade Products

We have a huge selection of handmade goods in our store and aim to constantly curate more of these items based on the feedback and preferences of our customers. Our handmade goods in Wentzville, MO include everything from jewelry and apparel, to knickknacks and ornamental pieces. They’re great for gifts or just as your own little keepsakes! We’re delighted to source these items from skilled craftsman and artisans who put love and attention to detail in all of the pieces they create.


Our Custom Wares

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Our custom wares take many forms and are great for all types of individuals, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else. We take care to always provide careful product descriptions and detailed accounts of our items to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting from us each and every time. Some of the most common items we stock and source include:
  • Hunting gear
  • Fishing gear
  • Survival gear
  • Imported goods

We invite you to explore everything CP-Elite has to offer today and keep checking back with us in the future to see how our inventory expands and changes over time. Thanks for taking the time to see what we have to offer—we hope you find something you love!